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Every two years, the staff at Ricoma looks forward to the distributor reception held during CISMA. Like any tradition, it has consistently offered much of the same pleasures: live classical music, a buffet-style dinner and networking over cocktails in an ornate ballroom.


The only factor that changes each time: the headcount.


What started in 2009 as a room filled with about 60 faces has now doubled. With over 120 attendees this year, Ricoma’s growing global reach was evident. Since the last CISMA in 2015, Ricoma has expanded to 10 more countries – making Ricoma embroidery machines now available in over 130 countries.

2009年的招待会中,参加的客户人数只有60人。而在今年,超过120个客户参加了这次的酒会。 瑞珂玛全球业务的增长,显而易见。从2015CISMA展会以来,瑞珂玛新拓展了10个以上国家的客户,也就是说,瑞珂玛刺绣机现在已经卖到了超过130个国家。

A fifth-time attendee, Ricoma treats CISMA as a platform to formally welcome its new distributors and introduce the innovations that have taken place since the last CISMA in 2015. As the world’s second largest sewing machinery industry trade fair, CISMA exceeded the expectations of first-time attendee and Ricoma Marketing Manager Lera Knight.

作为第五次的参展商,瑞珂玛将CISMA展会视为一个欢迎新合作伙伴的平台,并且介绍了自2015CISMA展会以来,瑞珂玛的创新科技。CISMA作为世界上第二大缝纫工业设备展览会,超出了很多初次参展人员的预期,包括瑞珂玛营销总监Lera Knight

“There were people from everywhere stopping by the booth all day,” Knight said. “We even met distributors flying in all the way from Latin America!”


At the booths, the Ricoma U.S. and China staff joined forces to conduct presentations, demonstrate Ricoma’s latest technology and answer questions.


During the dinner, founder Frank Ma opened up the night with a moving speech about Ricoma’s rebanding in 2017, and the major developments in technology, strategy, marketing and internal company culture that have occurred since then.


“Our rebranding was more than just a cosmetic improvement – it also came with a renewed mindset,” Ma said. “While we will always be devoted to our old slogan, ‘a passion for excellence,’ we decided that it was time to ‘think beyond’ mere excellence.”


Marketing Manager Lera Knight continued with a speech on Ricoma’s latest marketing efforts that have focused on shifting to the digital space. VP of Global Operations Miguel Ciaretta closed the evening with an overview of the changes Ricoma has made to serve distributors and consumers.

接下来瑞珂玛营销总监Lera Knight介绍了瑞珂玛最近的营销工作-专注于数字网络。紧接着瑞珂玛全球运营副总裁Miguel Ciaretta综合的讲述了瑞珂玛在服务经销商和顾客上所做的改变。

“We’ve pushed toward making everything electronic. Now, customers can sign documents right from their phone or computer – so you can close deals anywhere,” Ciaretta said. “And with our distributor portal, our partners have access to all the files and marketing materials they need in one convenient spot. We even have our complete training videos and quick-start guides available on our site, so you can easily direct customers to the resources they need.”

“我们一直在为一切交易流程电子化做努力。现在,我们的顾客可以在手机、电脑等电子产品上签署文件,让顾客可以随时随地的完成交易”,Miguel Ciaretta说到。“通过我们的分销商门户,我们的所有合作伙伴可以在一个特定的地方访问他们需要的所有文件和营销材料。在我们的网站上,客户可取得我们机器的完整训练视频和快速入门指南,一切客户需要的资源,我们应有尽有。”

Ma concluded his speech by recapping the company’s mission and inviting Ricoma’s growing global network of distributors to share Ricoma’s core beliefs.


“We’re going to continue improving, and we want you to be there with us – to witness all the developments, to grow with us, and most importantly, to ‘think beyond’ with us," Ma said. "Because, as always, your success is our success. ”


This September, Ricoma attended the China International Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show (CISMA) – the world’s second largest sewing machinery industry trade fair. CISMA 2017 began Sept. 26 and continued through Sept. 29 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) in Shanghai, China.